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Paris Texas - CASINO

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Текст песни

I want certain amount
Once I get that, Then I’m out
I used to be in a drought, Now bitches is wetty as shit
Now bitches is petty as shit
I never been on the block, I used to stay in the house
I used to cum in a sock
And all of my brothers is close, These bitches can’t tell us apart
And I want a different account
In Switzerland next to the Alps, My dick is a few miles long
For anyone running they mouth
At times I can seem like an asshole, I’m from the central of the south
Grew up in a one story house
But got too many storis to count, Someone said this would cost me my hart
It’s no wonder my chest feelin' light
Man I should be the new Tony Stark
Trust far as I can throw 'em
(Fuck that, fuck that, fuck that)
I threw out my arm, PSA for the team
No sleeping on the dream, 'Til we see our face on silver screens
Running to the safe like baseball teams
Out of this world, Call ICE
I wanna put you out your misery, Shawty gimme brain, telepathy
Shoot my shot, Omg all net deep threes
Paris Texas next best thing, Might get that tatted on my teeth
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