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Kodak Black - Oracle

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  • Длительность: 02:12
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Текст песни

I went to sleep today thinking about my nigga Flipper
I was in the streets all day, try not to remember
I'm heavy contemplating, I don't know if I should send the hitter
Somebody tell me stop playing with him before I kill him
Yo palé mwen Ma, yo palé nou Ma
They be forgetting to tell you how, when, and got in
I'm on a whole other wave, ain't promoting violence
I really be slipping everyday but it ain't no robbing
I just got her some braces now she want a new body
I would've picked it up the same way too if you dropped it
I be sharing the same pain with all the lifers
Tonight I'm pulling out the champagne for all the lifers
My brother [?] a gun, he has silencers
I know you niggas be hearing me screaming "Snipe him"
Mwen pa ka viv san'w, mwen pa ka viv
Mwen sonjé'w on pil, sonjé'w on pil
I sent the record label their contract back to 'em
I told 'em send the shit back with a few more on it
I don't want no girlfriend, baby, man, I want me a woman
Even though I got her now, I'ma still treat her like I wanna
Sitting in a cell niggas scared they might catch corona
Like how the hell I'ma cry if I ain't got a shoulder
Mwen poté'w monté, m'poté'w monté

Yeah, c'est la vie

Map plédé [?], alé pwizon
Map pwié bondié m'pa vin'n anko
Shit was terrible for a man having an opinion
I don't care how fine she is, I'ma need her to go see the clinic
I put it out like I'm crazy but I was playing
I heard everything that everybody was saying
I went to sleep today thinking about my nigga Flipper
I think my momma house need to be little more bigger
I can hold my own dick, dog, 'cause I'm a man
Say take these shackles up off me so I can dance
[?], m'pa janmen vwè'm

Genw bagay map fè la, sé [?] map [?] la
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