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Hooverphonic - Hidden Stories

постер песни Hooverphonic - Hidden Stories
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  • Длительность: 04:27
  • Качество: 320 kbs
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Текст песни

Everybody has a hidden story
You can try to reset but it just won't come back
Everybody needs a hidden story
Can you cope with the facts or cover up?

Give it a shape, rearrange
Did you change what your memory unveils?
Sometimes we chase another trace
Of the fiction we paint in our tales

Everybody dreams a hidden story
That you thought you reset, never thought it would come back
Everybody has a hidden story
We can't cope with the facts so cover up

And give it a shape, rearrange
Need to change so your memory won't fail
And so you can chase another trace
Of the truths you erased in your tale

Who do you think you are?
Life from a dying star

Everybody wants a different story
From the one that they have but we just can't go back
Everybody hates a hidden story
But we can cope with the facts, don't cover up

And show me your shape, don't refrain
Don't need change, accept that memory fails
No need to chase another trace
Truth can be hidden in tales

Who do you think you are?
Life from a dying star
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