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Night Lovell - On the Hill

постер песни Night Lovell - On the Hill
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"On The Hill"

Outby16, or dead on the scene, but together for fucking ever
Uh, uh, ay, okay
Ayy, okay (Ay, ay)

I be really thinkin' 'bout my life (My life)
Why I live with so much fuckin' spite (Fuckin' spite)
I'm with my niggas (Ayy)
And we movin' nice (Night)
Won't tell you twice (Twice)
It's a scary sight (Sight)
Ay, give a fuck if you don't like me (Like me)
Got yo baby momma tryna skype me (Skype me)
Ay, you act so shy when you around me (You around)
Since the day you found me, you always tried to hound me (Tried to hound me)
That's the way shit goes now, goes now (Okay)
Searchin' for motives, I'm tryna lock these hoes down
Turn off my notice I'm tryna really slow down (Ay)
I feel like I'm living inside a fuckin' ghost town (Ay)
You feel lonely, come and join me
I gotchu (Ay) then you started acting really phony
I gotchu, I value my sanity bitch I put that on my grave
Man it's fuck humanity, I will not be your slave (Ay)
I don't want yo' clothes, yo' shit wack
I'm draped in all Lacoste cause I like to take it back
And you know all the shit I make is clearly long lastin'
I fucked that bitch and took a break but now I'm back in (Yeah), back end (Yeah)
This ain't what you know but you my cinder, rella
Honestly I don't think there's a nigga, better
Run into this love like you Carmelita Jeter
You tried to set me up, I know that karma is gonna get her (Get her)
Why don't you just tell me what you want (What you want)
I'll pick you up at dawn, we can listen to Avant
I promise you that this is no sun
These niggas never really gonna catch us, I'm just tryin' to be blunt
Ay (Ay)
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