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Night Lovell - Smoke Screen

постер песни Night Lovell - Smoke Screen
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  • Длительность: 02:10
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Текст песни

Na, ayy
Na, na-na, na-na, na, na-na
Ayy, yeah, yeah, ayy, ayy

Don't you wife that bitch, she'll cut your back with her claws (Claws)
I've been thinkin' every night, I lay and look at the stars (Stars)
Pull up, quick (Quick), pull up then we dip (Dip)
I don't do no pics, give a fuck about your six (Six)
Ayy, hope you tell your niggas that they stupid for tryin' (Ayy)
When they tell you that they got you, promise you that they lyin'
Use your head (Head), you heard the shit I said (Said)
You turn your back instead, now you got me seein' red, ayy, ayy
Banished (Banished), I'm not from this planet (Planet)
I'm just stoppin' by (By), two decades since I landed (Landed)
I don't answer questions (Questions), kick you out the section (Section)
You niggas got an illness (Ayy), mind your fuckin' bidness (Bidness), ayy, ayy

I do not fold, the way that we do this ain't no joke (Joke)
They caught me walkin' in the back, I know that these niggas want no smoke (Ayy)
You should not try, all of you wimps might just die (Die)
You can't see by, not even a glimpse of my life, ayy
Relax, before you fuckin' relapse (Relapse)
Know I got my seat back (Seat back), I'll give you all a recap (Recap)
I've been dominatin' ('Nating), since the bus station (Station)
Now I'm overseas (Ayy), UK bitches on they knees (Knees)
Ridin' jet ski (Ski), I might say, "What's up?" (What's up?)
But don't be talkin' crazy (Crazy), 'cause that's how you get snuffed (Snuffed)
We might run you down (Down), no, this ain't no bluff (Bluff)
And don't you make a sound (Sound), stop actin' like you tough (You tough)
Your wifey's got a crush (Crush), I saw the way she blush (Ayy)
HRE, set in flush, no you cannot touch (Ayy)
Cabin in the woods (Ayy), that's where I feel the love (Ayy)
I'm trying to be good (Ayy), still got blood under my gloves (Ayy, ayy)
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