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Scott Rill - Imagination

постер песни Scott Rill - Imagination
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  • Длительность: 02:38
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Текст песни

Can't believe your touching me like the way your touching me
I can feel pass your skin right to your energy

Feeling like the moon is under the sheets with a smile
We're glowing so bright and baby I just don't know how

So this is making love
I can't believe it
Oh oh oh
So this is making love
I just couldn't see it

I can feel your heartbeat, beating at the same time
This is crazy magic, über fantastic chemistry
We're floating so high I swear that we are soaring

How did stars get inside the room?
What is this music we're making?
It's the most perfect tune ever heard, no words could ever describe it

Beyond pleasure
No scale no score could measure
But this is love
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