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White Skull - Embittered

постер песни White Skull - Embittered
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  • Длительность: 04:30
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Текст песни

He spent sometimes at the SPX’s jail
They used to call him the killin' spree
He was guilty for doing crack
Taking guns and shooting everywhere
I’ve met this man at the station train
He came to me saying let’s have a chat
The night before I was feeling bad
He told me it’s all downright unfair
Embittered eyes of fire
Embittered he’s walking to me
Embittered eyes of fire
Embittered take me higher
In my desire not to miss anything
I am going to miss everything
I didn’t think about the consequences
I only knew that I was out there
We laught we joked and
We stayed with friends
They shared some drugs
And I was out there
In his eyes there’s a sparklin' light
He came out of prison embittered
Embittered …
I was wondering if I’ll be back
He told me come on let’s havin' fun
I didn’t mean to accept this command
Breathless run toward someone else
Embittered …
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