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Daughtry - World On Fire

постер песни Daughtry - World On Fire
  • Размер: 8.64 Mb
  • Длительность: 03:39
  • Качество: 320 kbs

Текст песни

Going down like a dead man walking
One step from a body in a coffin
Just one, one of the fallen
Waking up to a blood moon, howling
Can’t drown it out, even with the medicine
Tearing through me like a bullet of adrenaline
Arms heavy, face down on a death bed
Blame the gods while choking on the violence
In the end, silence is deafening
Can you hear the crowd like a thousand sirens?
In the night like thunder striking
The sickness is rising
The angels are crying
That’s the sound of a world on fire
Stressed out, head trauma, took a beating
Takes more than a pill to numb the feeling
Bang, bang, no mercy for the healing
Oh, 20 dead without a fight, without a reason
20 more in a cop car, bleeding
All tryna win a war without a meaning
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